Where can a Meeting Planner find the best Live Announcer?

Where can a Meeting Planner find the best Live Announcer?


Event planning takes months of preparation and coordination. But, finding an announcer with the right experience, professionalism, and style for your event is a challenge. 

This guide will walk you through where and how to find the best live announcer for conferences, galas, award shows, conventions, virtual events, and more.


Finding the Best Live Announcer for Your Next Meeting or Event


Meeting planners handle every detail - securing the venue, planning event management, organizing travel, catering, and entertainment. With so much behind-the-meeting planning, you want to find trustworthy partners to execute on the day. One key partner is your live announcer.


Hiring the right live announcer brings energy and flow to your event. They keep the program moving, engage the audience, and create excitement around sponsors and honorees. But finding an announcer with the right experience, professionalism, and style for your event can be challenging.


Where Do You Begin the Live Announcer Search?


With so many details to handle in planning a large-scale meeting or event, hiring a live announcer may fall lower on your priority list. But don’t wait until the last minute! Give yourself time to find the right voice talent and provide them with the information needed to succeed.


Here are some tips on where to start your search:


Check Past Events

If you’ve previously worked with a live announcer that you liked, reach out to them. If it’s your first time planning this event, check with colleagues for referrals of announcers they’ve used and liked.


Local Announcers & Voice Actors

Search for announcers, voice actors, and VO artists in the city where your event will be held. Local talent avoids travel costs and may already be familiar with venues.


National Voice Talent Agencies

Large agencies represent voice actors and live announcers around the country. They can point you to talent with experience in different industries and event types.


Live Announcer Directories

Directory sites like Voices.com and Bodalgo allow you to search profiles, listen to demos, and directly contact professional voice talent. This includes both voice actors and live announcers


Live Announcer Websites

Google live announcers or emcees in your area. Many professional announcers have their websites showcasing experience, demos, and reviews.


Entertainment Booking Agencies

Agencies providing DJs, bands, and other event entertainment may also have relationships with live announcers. Ask them for announcer recommendations.


Production Companies

Ask them for announcer suggestions if you’re working with an event production company for stage design, lighting, video, or experiential design. They often partner with talent and would gladly help you.

Whatever you do, try to speak directly with the live announcer before hiring. Speaking directly with announcers gives you a sense of their experience, professionalism, and ability to execute your vision.


What to Look for in a Professional Live Announcer

Once you’ve found a pool of potential announcers, how do you select the right one? Key criteria to evaluate include:


Relevant Experience

Find an announcer experienced with your type of event - a conference, awards gala, product launch, virtual event, or another format. Ask for a list of events they’ve worked on and play demos that match yours.



The announcer should understand the flow of live events, take direction well, and be prepared with scripts and cues. Look for professional training and membership in industry groups.


Style & Tone

Ensure the announcer’s vocal style, energy level, and speaking tone fit your event and brand. Play demos to get a sense of their versatility.


Reliability & Availability

Find an announcer who is responsive, meets deadlines, and is available on your specific event dates. Ask for references to confirm their dependability.


Personality & Connection

The best announcers have a likable presence and can connect with audiences. Have a quick video call with potential announcers to understand their vibe.



Compare rates between announcers, but also evaluate value. More experienced talent may have higher rates but can save time and stress.

Now that you know what to look for in a live announcer, there is a person you might be interested in that meets all the above criteria. 


Introducing Tony Pasquale

Tony Pasquale is a professional live announcer and voice actor in New York City. With over 15 years of experience voicing top events across multiple industries, Tony has the professionalism, dependability, and track record planners seek in a high-caliber announcer. Planners praise Tony for his flexibility, reliability, and natural ability to make any event exciting, memorable, and perfectly on-brand for the client and sponsors. 


To learn more about Tony's experience, listen to demos showcasing his range of announcing styles, and inquire about his availability and rates for your upcoming event, visit LiveAnnouncer. He is ready to make your job easier and help ensure your event succeeds.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does experience matter when hiring a voice actor?

A: It can be tempting to save on production costs, but this is not a place to cut corners. An amateur announcer can derail momentum, mispronounce names, or freeze up if issues arise. Paying for experience is the best thing you can do.


Q: What details do I need to give the live announcer?


A: Once you have hired a live announcer, you need to give them the 

  • The latest version of the detailed schedule for their review several weeks before the event.

  • Complete scripts and talking points for scripted moments.

  • Phonetic spellings for any challenging names.

  • Pacing and energy you want throughout the event - high excitement for the start, more formal for awards, etc.

  • Appropriate wardrobe for the event tone - suits, business casual, all black, etc.


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Tony Pasquale

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