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It's Hard to Find an

Announcer You Can Trust

For most event planners and show producers, finding the right event announcer is a headache. I know, I've been there. Over many years of working as an event producer, I was often frustrated with the lack of options available.

I could hire a radio personality, but they never stuck to scripts and often saw my events as an opportunity to promote their own brand. I could hire an actor or voice talent, but they rarely had the live show experience necessary to keep energy up and the timing right.

In the end, it was considered a win just to find someone who could follow a script and not botch the sponsors' names. Honestly, that should be just the beginning of what a professional announcer does for you. When an event is closely tied to your reputation (and career), you deserve more than the bare minimum. You deserve to partner with a true professional.

Hi, I'm Tony!

After working 15 years as a show producer and another 12 years as an award-winning voice talent, I decided it was finally time to make life a little bit easier for my fellow show producers. Now, I lend my voice as the low-maintenance, high-quality voice announcer talent that successful producers and event planners like you deserve.

I have experience:

  • Working as a producer and with producers and event planners around the country
  • Being flexible at a moment's notice, even if an event needs to shift to virtual or hybrid experiences
  • Adjusting my voice to fit the personality of your event
  • Taking direction and following cues without putting my ego center stage 
  • Understanding the event isn't about me, but rather your client, sponsors, and audience

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Let's Chat

As I said, I'm super easy to work with. When you reach out to request an audition, you won't get a canned response from an agent or wonder if your request disappeared in the interwebs. I'll personally respond as soon as possible to learn more and see how I can help. Let's get started!