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The Event Announcer You Deserve

The house lights dim. The first beat of music drops. The stage erupts in light. This is the moment you've been planning for months or even years. What happens next, if everything falls into place, will culminate in a night the crowd remembers forever, a night your client praises you for, and a night that drives your career forward.

Of course, "if everything falls into place" is a big IF. For the vision in your head to play out exactly right on stage, you're going to need the right event announcer. You need someone who can stick to a schedule meticulously. Follow cues flawlessly. Deliver a script naturally from backstage. Take direction, think on their feet, and make your life easier. Someone who's flexible if it becomes a virtual or hybrid event. You need an experienced voice you can trust.

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The Right Live Announcer for Your Event

Do you need a welcoming, real voice for your corporate conference? I've done that. A young, energetic voice for your quirky convention? You bet. A classic, powerful voice for your high-energy competition? Yep, I've done that, too. With 17 years of experience in more than 120 venues across the country, I bring the expertise and flexibility that allows you to breathe easily at go-time.

Explore my samples from a few live events below, then contact me for your custom audition.

Corporate Announcing


A welcoming and real voice for corporate events and annual conferences




A classic, powerful voice for competitions and high-energy events


A young, excited, and energetic voice for creative, upbeat events



A young, excited, and energetic voice for creative, upbeat events

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The Voice You Deserve

You deserve to partner with a flexible, professional voice who can deliver the wow-that-night-was-amazing feeling you're working so hard to create. Here's how to do that in three easy steps.



Request a free, custom sample that fits the unique direction and audience of your show.



We'll get travel arrangements squared away, so there's one less thing for you to think about at showtime.



Keep your audience, client, and sponsors happy with a voice that executes your vision perfectly.