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Tony pasquale: THE RIGHT Live announcer

As if producing a live event wasn't challenging enough, a global pandemic swept in to raise the stakes and change the course of our industry – among many things. As an experienced live announcer and former event producer, one thing I know for sure is when you align yourself with the right partnerships, you get the support, creativity, and positive vibes needed to get on with the show. 


My name is Tony, and I understand finding the right live announcer can be tough, pandemic or not. You need someone who's flexible, professional, and experienced. I've got you covered. Over the years I've voiced everything from galas and award shows to corporate meetings and brand conferences, and I'm available to make your job easier. Take a spin through some of my demos, and let's partner up!

Corporate Announcing

A welcoming and real voice for corporate events and conferences


A classic, powerful voice for competitions and high-energy events


A young, excited, and energetic voice for creative, upbeat events


A warm, authentic voice that connects with any audience

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Experience You Can Trust

You don't have time to hold an amateur's hand or stroke a celebrity's ego. You need a live announcer who's easy to work with and knows what they're doing. After 15 years of producing live events like yours, I understand the pressure you're under to pull off a flawless show. I can lend my award-winning voice talent to ensure the event fits the vision in your head.

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Your Event Is a Big Deal

You've spent months or even years planning, designing, testing, and preparing. There's a client to impress, sponsors to please, and an audience to wow. And honestly, whether you're organizing a virtual, live, or hybrid event, finding the right announcer to execute your vision can be challenging. You need someone who can stick to your cues and follow your script. Keep the energy high and the sponsors happy. Engage the audience and make your client look good. I get it, and I've got it.

On Script

I deliver carefully-prepared scripts with an energy that won't sound...well, scripted.

On Brand

I make you, your client, and their sponsors shine, because your night is never about me.

On Schedule

I take direction and follow cues, so you can trust every minute will go according to plan.

The Voices That Really Matter

I may be the one with the microphone, but don't be mistaken. I'm here to make you look good. Here's how I've done that for others.

THE Show's premiere is tomorrow, and your voice sounds great! Thank you for the hustle!



We were blown away with your talent! Working with a professional voice actor made ALL the difference.



You sounded perfect for our awards show!



You're a legend!



Thanks for making this easy for us!



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