Your Voice Over Talent for Pre-Recorded Productions

What to Look for in a Voice Over Actor

Finding a voice over actor to record show openers and stage announcements for your live show is tricky. You need a voice talent who takes direction in stride to produce the sound you need. You need someone with top-of-the-line-tech to ensure crisp, clear audio in your preferred format. You need someone who works well with your creative media production team. And, you need that person to respect your deadlines.

As a former creative director, I know how hard that is to find, and I know how important it is for you to find it. Your reputation is riding on this event, and you need every detail to be perfect. You don't just need a run-of-the-mill voice actor. You need a live announcer with production experience. You need an expert you can trust.

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Where Live Announcing and Production Experience Meet

Pre-recording productions for live events works best when your voice over talent has both live show and production experience. After working 15 years as a show producer and another 12 years as an award-winning voice talent, I offer exactly that. Need a flexible voice that can nail the sound you need? I've got you. Need someone who can visit or patch to your preferred studio? Count me in. Need raw audio that's clean and ready for post production? Or perhaps a processed, broadcast-ready file? Either way, I can handle it.

Explore a few samples, then contact me for your custom audition.

Corporate Announcing

A welcoming and real voice for corporate events and conferences

Classic Announcing
(Most Requested)

A classic, powerful voice for competitions and high-energy events

High Energy Announcing

A young, excited, and energetic voice for creative, upbeat events

Conversational Announcing

A warm, authentic voice that connects with any audience

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The Experience You Deserve

You deserve to partner with a flexible, professional voice over actor who will make your life easier and deliver the flawless audio you need. Here's how to do exactly that in three easy steps.



Tell me more about your production needs and request a free, custom sample.



Patch or bring me in for a live-directed session to produce the audio clips you need.



Play the pre-recorded audio for a flawless event that impresses your audience and clients.