Meeting Planning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Meeting Planning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Planning meetings assist in constructing the objective and time frame for work. There are several kinds of meetings that can happen in companies or in consulting. 


Analytics problem solving, updating the status, connecting with team members, and planning meetings are a few. Every meeting has involved several intents and aspirations based on meeting type. 


What types of planning meetings are there? How to conduct planning meetings to get a productive outcome?


Is a planning meeting essential? Yes, creating a meeting plan is essential.

In this session, we will explore detailed meeting planning.


Planning meeting: Defining 


A planning meeting is when a team of employees at a company works and performs jointly to discuss an upcoming plan. While in the meeting, the team members join together, creating their involvement in the project. 


The intent of planning the meeting is to understand the crucial decisions, and each staff shares their expertise. Therefore, the team can work together progressively.  

How to plan meetings productively: Essential Factors


Point out the intent of the meeting


Point out the central intent of the meeting, future goals, and aspirations that will emphasize the meeting's worth. 


Make a listing of Team members


Excluding exact or accurate people will be less effective. 

Make a list of people who can drive a success ratio, have excellent skills, expertise in work and management, and have the potential to bring solutions. 


Timing of the meeting


A perfect or scheduled time frame can assist in team attention and enhance understanding to finish the project. A scheduled time allows the team good management of everyone’s time and organization of work. 


Make a note of crucial topics


As the purpose of the meeting plan, note crucial topics to review. 

A point of topics can assist in presenting good insights about the meeting discussions and being properly prepared.

Event planning: Insights


Event planning is an approach to the planning and suitable supervision of every detail of an event, including time, spot, theme, and stage design. Generally, an event manager or event planner manages the entire event live.


Types of Event planning


In-Person Event meeting


An In-person event creates many crowds and too much interaction between attendees, staff and other people. Appoint an in-person event platform that can handle the crowds, decreasing the possibility of interaction with attendees.


In-person conference examples are Trade conferences and business conferences. Mainly these events happen from 1 to 3 days and differ in a few cases. 


The hybrid and virtual event 


Hybrid events are when few participants are present at the location, and few attend online. 


In the case of a virtual event, each person attends the event session digitally. Virtual and hybrid events are more worthwhile and eco-friendly than in-person events


Virtual events facilitate audience interaction and encourage more effective networking through survey and quiz sessions. 

Hybrid events have a positive sign of a lower carbon footprint, indicating a smaller number of online attendees. In this case, the travelling ratio decreases, food waste decreases, and the least amount of furniture and equipment is transported. 

These two event types also allow for reaching an extensive audience. 


Live Event session 


A live event is where the audience is present in real time in any particular location.


Meeting management planning procedures to achieve a successful campaign. 


Creating a solid meeting management plan requires observing a few essential key points. Whether it is a training event, business event, or education event, significant event management is necessary. 


Essential factors influence event intent and planning:


Identify the intent of the meeting event. 


Review the intent of the meeting and what the central intent is to start the project. If one individual ensures the intent, check the planning and marketing and take the proper execution techniques.


Study the meeting type and timing


Check and validate the number of attendees who will attend the meeting planning event. The length should be ideal in hours. An extended session may lead audiences to lose interest. 


Verify the budget segment


Budget is a vital part of maintaining and organizing the event. Check all the requirements to run the event smoothly without any hassle. Certify the venue, food, beverages, available technology, and amusements, as these demand more budget investment. Select based on service purpose along with budget. 


The venue sourcing process


Research the service providers based on their quality of service. Create a listing of spots, service features, extra facilities, and other essential data. 


Get results based on the need to use innovative technology, including VR (Virtual Reality) technology and venue-sourcing software .


Analyze fulfilled requirements in this process. 


Boost through advertising the meeting event


Traditional methods may take longer to reach the targeted goals. The age of online marketing makes clever usage of advertising. Use the benefits of social networking platforms, based on the budget, and create paid ads to gain more visibility for the meeting event. 


An advanced event marketing tool can assist in promoting the event and reaching nearby targeted audiences. 


Automation tools and email marketing practices will supply excellent methods of visibility. 


Smart use of Sponsors


Sometimes cutting the budget is quite tricky. To handle all the complexity, supervising the whole event management becomes harder. 


Hiring sponsors with professional skills can operate the event management procedure handily. 


Meeting Planning: The Good 


Meeting planning drives solid solutions through systematic planning:


  • The sound solutions are planning and securing team attentiveness towards work. 

  • Potential to enhance skills, expertise, better representation, and different opinions during the planning session. 

  • Opportunity to strengthen performances and decision making 

Provides the benefits of understanding the value of structured work and submission of tasks before deadlines. 

  • Provides the advantage of measuring the service intent, targeting key points, and organizing future successful endeavors.

Meeting Planning: The Bad 


The meetings run accurately and require paying attention to certain things: 


  • Choosing a wrong schedule impacts team members' potentiality. A long session may be why their engagement ratio decreases, and they pay less attention to the session. 

  • Sourcing an incorrect place and selecting the wrong stage design affect the meeting. Such as, the number of team members is higher, but space needs to be improved to arrange the meeting. 

  • Pay attention to the voice and visual effects. The voice and visuals should be adequate to bring engagement to meeting events. 

  • Inability to create an exciting session, having all the exclusive experimental designs, the distractions ratio is high.

  • Plans could be more precise, and work activities and deadlines schedules are avoidable.

Meeting Planning: The Ugly


  • The meeting needs to be updated and enhanced to get positive results.

  • The ratio of productive meetings is less and should improve the standard of the meeting.

  • Multitasking ruins the employee's creative skills and interest or collaboration in the meeting activities.

  • Instead of email interaction, schedule shorter span meeting session

  • Inadequacy of action planning will constantly bring negative results. Work productively with a structured plan. 

The worth of event management and event production:


Event production is an approach that delivers wide-ranging consultation and assists with every kind of event, providing every prospective custom-built service based on the requirements. 


Event management supervises all the needs, from booking a venue to preparing catering and transporting facilities. 


Are you looking for meeting planning and a professional event production service provider to supervise the work? Explore the exclusive meeting planning of LiveAnnouncer for an event planner and event manager perfectly within their expertise. 


Final Thoughts


The practices of a good meeting plan will bring you an excellent success ratio in the long term. Planned meetings result in an effective solution for work. So, these are all about the meeting planning. 


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Tony Pasquale

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