Mastering the Art of Event Management: How to Choose the Perfect Live Announcer for Your Audience

Mastering the Art of Event Management: How to Choose the Perfect Live Announcer for Your Audience


Event management requires tons of work. You need to plan the event, gather necessary things and crews, and most importantly execute it. From weddings to corporate conferences to musical festivals, a well-hired live announcer sets the perfect mood for an event. Some might think that having a great voice means a good live announcer. But successful event planning requires much more than that. 

In today’s blog post, we will thoroughly discuss how you can choose your perfect live announcer who will make the event experience one of a kind for the audience.

There are more people behind the stage managing everything from sounds to lights than you can imagine. Audiences do not see the organizers and managers doing tiresome work but the ones who are before them who show the magic of performance. Therefore, hiring a good live announcer requires careful consideration and thinking. Today, we have decided to make things easier for you to choose the perfect live announcer for your auidence.

Before finalizing your hire, you might consider the following points to keep your audience more engaged and your event more memorable.

  1. Understanding the Audience

  2. Matching the Voice to the Message

  3. Professional Experience

  4. Flexibility and Consistency

  5. Technical Knowledge

Now, let’s see what these considerations mean and how you can implement them in your upcoming event management strategies to hire the perfect live announcer.


1. Understanding the Audience


Different events attract and invite different audiences. Before looking for a live announcer you should see what your audience wants to hear. For obvious reasons, a corporate event will need a more authoritative tone than a friendly gathering. On the other hand, if the event is a musical concert, the announcer needs to be energetic and full of spirit.

"I was organizing a charity gala," Alice, a renowned event manager, recalled, "and the live announcer we chose had a deep, melodious voice that went perfectly with our well-dressed, formal audience. His voice carried a sense of importance that was in line with the event's purpose.”


2. Matching the Voice to the Message


Our voice conveys different messages. The person on the other side of the table might feel excitement, a warm welcome, or tension based on the tone of her voice. A live announcer should know his/her voice and train it accordingly. As an event planner, before casting a live announcer, you should see how the announcer is able to control his voice and emotion based on the situations that may arise during the event. The announcer might need to make his/her voice go soft, deep, emotional, or full of excitement depending on what the audience wants to hear.

For instance, if you are in charge of organizing an official conference, you might want to hire someone with a deep and sophisticated voice which would be contrary in case you decide to manage a musical show.


3. Professional Experience


Skills do not come from a vacuum. Perfection requires lots of practice and participation. Where it is true that newcomers need opportunities to learn, it is equally, if not more important that your event should be neat and clean. An experience live announced knows about the event and its specifics. That’s why the live announcer can handle it much better than those who have just stepped into the business.

Ask for resumes and references. Be thorough during the casting. Don’t forget to give them real-life scenarios and ask for their opinion about how to handle them. Professional and on-field experience provides more valuable and deeper learning than conventional institutions do.


4. Spontaneity, Flexibility and Consistency


You should choose a live announcer who is spontaneous and can make quick decisions based on events’ current situation. A situation may arise where the live announcer needs to make an emergency declaration without word-by-word dictation from the stage manager or event producer. In such a case, the live announcer needs to be impromptu and should be able to handle the audience.

Long hours events might feel tiring. But a good live announcer should be consistent in delivery throughout the event. That’s why, you should hire the one who is vibrant and passionate about the profession and cares about the audience's enjoyment.


5.Technical Knowledge


In today’s technology-led world, a live announcer can’t survive just with a voice. One might need to use various digital equipment ranging from audio-visual devices to microphones to various software to make sure that his/her voice reaches the audience perfectly.

Sometimes events might get disrupted by microphone issues and poor sound quality. Before making the employment, you should look at whether the applicant has the required technical and technological proficiency. Usually, major issues are handled by professionals of the event team.. However, the live announcer should know how to fix minor issues and disruptions.




Organizing and managing an event is no easy work. You need to make sure everything goes smoothly and there is no lacking. Hiring the perfect live announcer might unload a lot of work pressure as they do the major part of audience engagement and handling. Before choosing a live announcer for your intended event, ensure your event and audience requirements and hire an experienced one who will go best with your program.

The perfect announcer will make a good event a better one and will ensure future revenue flow. So, do not rush and take your time. Make your hiring decision through careful consideration, discussion, and check. Be assured that the hired one is the perfect one and watch as your event management skills stand out.


Written By

Tony Pasquale

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