15 Best Event Plan Bloggers to Follow

As a professional event planner who focuses on the world of entertainment, it pays to learn as much as possible about what's happening in the industry. For news, insight and interesting ideas, you can't beat the immediacy of blogs. 

With that in mind, here are the 15 best event planner blogs to follow.

1. Event Planning Blueprint

Created by a small town girl, Event Planning Blueprint is the product of a planner who has run events for HGTV to celebrities in Hollywood. It's designed to help newcomers feel great about their skills and future in the business.

2. Endless Events

A nationwide event production company talks about event production, technology and AV issues, made by members of the International Live Events Association.

3. BizBash

What to do when a performance-filled event changes locations two days before it's kickoff date? How can drones improve events and what are ideas on hybrid events? Check the BizBash blog for coverage on such topics.

4. Bizzabo

Entertainment event planners who need to keep on top of industry developments follow the Bizzabo blog, which details professional conferences event planners should, along with ideas such as new swag bag ideas for event goers.

5. EventMB

EventMB was founded in 2007, with its blog being a resource for technology and education supporting event planners, and is known for its reports on hybrid events and the role of tech in planning.

6. Velvet Chainsaw

Velvet Chainsaw is a blog that provides insight from industry experts looking to increase sales and build a community, focusing on improving attendees' experiences.

7. Event Industry News

From how to improve accessibility at events to addressing the threat of the coronavirus pandemic in light of how we will get together, Event Industry News is a blog with plenty of topics to keep current on.

8. MeetingPlay

To stay on top of the latest in event technology, professionals from around the world follow the MeetingPlay blog, which offers tips and exclusive content.

9. UFI

The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry maintains its UFI blog, to serve as an international platform to connect all the individuals who create and maintain event venues, with the operators and service providers involved in making these events.

10. TechsyTalk

This events-oriented blog for TechsyTalk offers regular industry profiles of in-person and virtual event producers, updates on technology and platforms, and help for entrepreneurs in the event world.

11. All American Speakers

When your entertainment-oriented event needs a credible, entertaining speaker, you can turn to the blog from All American Speakers, which offers tips and assistance to event planners.

12. Eventbrite

The Eventbrite blog covers a whole range of topics, from audience engagement tools to socially distancing and hybrid/virtual events, and how to address no-shows.

13. Cvent

From ideas on booking meeting venues in captivating locations with great views, to safer event planning, entertainment oriented event planners will want to follow Cvent's blog.

14. Intentional Event Design

Insight into event jobs of the future, the new world of hybrid events and other topics of interest to people working in the entertainment business or who have any other kind of event focus is served up in the Intentional Event Design blog.

15. Evvent

Evvent is a blog designed for marketing and promoting events, with tips on social media reposting, making customized ticketing pages and otherwise helping spread the word.

Making Your Next Big Event Your Best Yet

Here's hoping that your upcoming event will go off much more smoothly, thanks in part to the latest news, advice and industry commentary that you can find covered in these various blogs.

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Samantha Deaver


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