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Finding the Perfect Voice: How to Match Your Live Announcer to Your Brand
 When planning a corporate event, every aspect should reflect your brand's identity and core values. From the visuals to the messaging, consis...
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24 hours to Improve Your Conferences - Last Minute Tips
You'll pick up some new skills, discover market trends, and establish a tone of new relationships. But it can also be overwhelming to have so many ...
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How a teleprompter operator can make your presentation successful.
  During a major live presentation, your hosts and invited speakers will not always be able to memorize everything they have to say. This...
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15 Best Event Plan Bloggers to Follow
As a professional event planner who focuses on the world of entertainment, it pays to learn as much as possible about what's happening in the indus...
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Virtual Event: 5 ways to keep your live announcer sounding live
  When holding a major event, the live nature of the proceedings are all part of the excitement for the crowd (and the honored guests). T...
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Sounds Good: 5 audio apps you need for your event
 It's no secret that people who work in the event industry generally have their hands full. All day long and often well into the night when bi...
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8 Things Your Meeting Planner Needs to Tell the Live Announcer
 As a meeting planner, you've done all the hard work leading up to your big event - secured a venue, sold or organized tickets, and planned sp...
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5 Reasons to Get Your Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Credential
 As a meeting and convention planner, you are under no obligation to become certified - and some meeting professionals indeed have long and su...
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